E-mail Marketing Campaigns for SMEs

Social Media Move can provide your business with a fully managed e-mail marketing service solution. We can design and implement everything from newsletter marketing to a targeted email campaign for specific promotions. Contact us now for more information on our customized e-mail marketing campaigns for small businesses.

Initial Strategy Call

During the initial call with you, Social Media Move will identify your target audience and your business goals. We’ll develop an effective email marketing campaign that creates real results.

Draft and Approval

Before any plan is implemented, we’ll go over all the details with you. We’ll make sure that your e-mail marketing campaign accurately reflects your brand and strengthens your market position across the world.

Discover E-mail Marketing

Social Media Move can develop and implement an effective e-mail marketing campaign for your business.

Reach your target market

Promote special offers

Encourage customer loyalty

Optimize click-through rates

Campaign Execution

Social Media Move can ensure that your e-mail marketing campaign is executed perfectly — encourages high open rates and click-through rates (CTR) and converts prospects into customers.

marketing specialists

Full Service E-mail Marketing

Want to implement e-mail marketing solutions that will increase customer engagement and lifetime value?

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